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Meet Greg Zahn


Meet Greg Zahn

Hi! I’m Greg Zahn. I have be working behind the scenes with the HUB for a while…… since about August of 2016. So let me see if I can catch you up a bit.

I first met Susan in the Green Tent at the Sheboygan County Fair in 2015. Susan was giving a presentation on edible landscaping through her New-S-Scapes landscape design business. I was just one year into developing my new sustainable Circle Union Farm and looking for help with prairie plants. We talked fast and intensely about the value of perennial native plants on a farm and orchard. I had the passion but not the knowledge. I am an architect by the way. My journey to farmer has been short one but it is a long story. More later.

Farm girl Susan knew all the botanical names and how and why….. so we started planting. I shared with Susan that since I had moved back to Wisconsin, after 28 years in downtown DC, I had gotten involved with Nourish, fresh Meals on Wheels, and Lakeshore Local Food Network and now I was involved in planning the state Local Food Summit to be held in Sheboygan. My journey from DC architect to local food advocate involves boom, bust, LEED certification, a marathon in Antarctica, cycling in a snowstorm in Alaska…in August, acid rain in Saguenay Quebec, dust storms in Beijing, polluted rivers in DaNang Viet Nam, environmental policy and law degree, scuba at the barrier reef, solar panel powered pumps in Kenya, a 70 year old Irish nun, permaculture, Haiti, WOOFing in Nova Scotia, and grandparents on Newton Lake …among other things.

Of all the aspects of sustainability, food is the most important. We are what we eat…. And almost 20% of us work in food, food processing and retail food jobs. Where and how that food is produced affects us greatly. Food is a centerpiece of all culture. When Susan told me her plans of opening a local food café in Plymouth, I said I want in!!!

I am anxious, as an architect to share with you all the local and sustainable aspects we have built into the HUB. I am also preparing for my 4th trip to Kenya to work with farmers co-ops in conjunction with the Permaculture Institute of Kenya. I promise to share my adventure and bring back interesting tidbits like coffee and other objet d’art.

Come me at the HUB.

1611 Eastern Avenue, Plymouth, WI