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Susan and Mike - Positive Together - the HUBbub

I’ve been around awhile. Not a really-long while, but awhile. Long enough to know that there are a few things that seem to universally draw people together. Things that we all seem to have in common – like the need for hugs, or feeling happier when the sun shines. We certainly all love good food and I’m willing to bet most of us really enjoy good coffee. At least the smell of it, right? Come on, you know that’s true. There’s just something about that aroma. Rich, invigorating and somehow deeply satisfying. I’ve also been around long enough to see a lot of fads come and go, think 80’s hair and 90’s boy bands. There’s a movement happening in Sheboygan County that seems a little ahead of the curve, and to some may seem like one of those fleeting fads. It’s a grass roots murmur developing, taking root and growing. It’s people taking stock and taking a long look at their impact on the community. This is a movement designed to stick around, its sustainable. At the HUB, we are dedicated to being part of that movement, and we’re going to explore this topic over the coming months and years right along with you, our neighbors, relatives and friends. There’s much to learn from each other and much to do to create positive impact while minimizing the negative. It’s going to take commitment and grit, but that’s nothing we’re not used to here. Let’s be part of the murmur, better yet – let’s be in on the conversation together, loud and clear, over a great cup, freshly brewed.

Come on...meet me at the HUB.

1611 Eastern Avenue, Plymouth, WI