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Hi from Katie


Hi from Katie - the HUBbub

Hi there! Let me introduce myself, my name is Katie. I am one of the managers at The Hub. I have 10+ years of experience in the food industry and a lifetime’s worth of customer service. I strive, everyday, to be a warm and friendly person, and therefore make people feel comfortable and at home. I think that the world shines a little bit brighter if people are happy. Although, I am new to the barista biz, I am very excited to take this new step in my journey and meet all of you. When you walk into a coffee shop, what are the things you expect? A warm and inviting space, the heavenly aroma of the coffee being brewed, and the delightful taste of the first sip of the much anticipated cup of coffee. The atmosphere of a coffee house should feel comfortable and relaxing. It is a place people go to sit and sip a little piece of joy as they recharge their soul in the midst of a busy life. It is the perfect place to get some work done outside of the distractions of your home and office. Sometimes, a change of scenery can change your whole outlook.

That is what we at The Hub are trying to build for our community, for our family, for our friends. We hope you will come in for an exquisite cup of coffee or tea and stay for the feeling of home. Can’t wait to see you! Meet me at The Hub.

Come on...meet me at the HUB.

1611 Eastern Avenue, Plymouth, WI