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So, you’re checking us out. I’m delighted. There’s so much to tell you about us and our Four great companies with one giant philosophy. I’m going to keep it to a nutshell version, though, hoping you’ll be compelled to come and meet me at the HUB.

You see, the HUB is the latest addition to a group of creative businesses that started in 2001. Back then, it was just New S-Scapes – providing distinctive, award winning landscape design. I love plants because of my mom. There’s a whole bunch of stories to share about my mom, and organics, and how she believed in organics before it was cool, but I’ll save those for our blog.

Landscape design is an artful profession, that plays beautifully with my passion for art and creating. While selling my works at art shows I met so many excitingly talented artists and makers, I just knew we all needed an opportunity to get together to offer our works to the community. July, 2013 Seranya Studios Art Boutique was born. We’re a family of artists, delighted and honored to present our works to our community family.

Seranya Studios Arts Foundation is a natural offshoot of that. An art centered organization that is designed to create life changing experiences for people in need. I can’t wait to tell you more about that too.

You see, we’re creating a heritage here at the HUB – an artful, responsible philosophy for our community, our family, friends and home. It really comes down to being about people and community. It’s a commitment to finding innovative, ways to help whom we can, while being gentle on our environment. Through smart waste reduction and healthy, sustainable consumption – from the foods we prepare, to the natural resources we use, and the art we create, we want to have impact. Positive, clean, fresh, and beautiful, impact.

Come on…meet me at the HUB.

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come me at the HUB.

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